Monday, February 09, 2009

Walmart - Our best friend?

I shop at a Walmart supercenter at least once a month; I'd shop more if it was closer. While it doesn't necessarily have the best price on everything, sometimes local supermarkets have better deals, they will honor them if you take the shopper with you (which I do).

The NY Post has a GREAT op ed piece (by a former Wired writer) of going undercover and working at Walmart...and discovering that at least his store was not the monster everyone makes Walmart out to be.
If more than one million Wal-Mart employees in the United States could be induced to join a union, by my calculation they'd be compelled to pay more than half-billion dollars each year in dues.
I've never been a friend of unions; I believe that they have served their purpose and need to change their business model if not cease to exist at all. And in case you are asking, NO I don't belong nor will I belong to the union of my profession.