Friday, September 01, 2006

Some Sense out of Venezuela

Presidential candidate Manuel Rosales, is the first to speak some sense out of the government of Venezuela. Currently the governor of the state of Zulia, he is the opposition's sole candidate to run against Hugo Chavez in December.

Yesterday he expressed that if elected he would revise all accords made by the Chavez government to ensure the benefit of Venezuela. The artcle is in Spanish, and I couldn't find it in English - but I've translated the "money quote" (emphasis mine).

Zulia state governor directly criticized the oil accord that Hugo Chavez maintains with Cuba since 2000.

He stated that "what cannot be is that we are financing, giving away to the Cuban government, to Fidel Castro, more than 100,000 oil barrels a day so he can maintain a tyranny and use this resources in non-democracy activites throughout the world."

Rosales, 54, said that he would fight so that Cuba "can be democratic, and for the liberation of the people" of the Caribbean island.

Tell whomever you know in Venezuela to vote for Rosales.

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