Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Danger to our South, Part II

Earlier this year, in my very first post as contributor at Babalú, I posted about the threat Venezuela posed to the stability and peace in our region. The topic of that post was the increasing between Chavez and radical Islam groups.

Back then, some people agreed others thought I was paranoid. It's been almost 7 months since that post, and we've seen Chavez pander to the radical Islam groups (and some terrorist groups as well), in his never ending recruitment of anti-American forces. Make no mistake, Chavez is not anti-Bush - that's the veil he hides behind; he is decidedly anti-American. Period.

Well, with newly found support among Arabs harvested by recalling his envoy at Israel, threatening to cut diplomatic ties with Israel, and constant comparing of Israel retaliation on Hezbollah as Nazi actions it seems he is beginning to show his true colors.

Make no mistake folks, Chavez would support any attack on the U.S.A. by any country. And he might even participate himself, after all, his been buying as much weaponry as he can find.

Keep an eye on this, and I hope everyone else is too.

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