Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Valladares takes down the Cuban "Catholic" Church

Today's must read comes from none other than Armando Valladares. In his editorial, he takes on the Catholic Church in Cuba and how it has silently and idly stood by and never taken a position against the regime; sometimes even "supporting" it. However, this has not driven him away from his faith.

For years now I have had the painful obligation in conscience to write articles denouncing ecclesiastical collaboration with Cuban communism. I did this for a number of reasons. I had survived more than twenty years as a political prisoner in Castro’s dungeons.

During that time, my Catholic faith was strengthened by the cries of young martyrs who died by firing squad shouting ‘Long live Christ the King, down with Communism!" To make matters worse, I had to resist, along with my companions in misfortune, ecclesiastical pressure to accept ideological ‘reeducation’ and wear the prison uniform of common criminals.

However, I was finally able, almost miraculously, to leave the island-prison, having "hoped against all hope," as St. Paul puts it. (emphasis mine)

I urge you to read the entire editorial here.

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