Friday, August 18, 2006

Set Them Free!

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They are not criminals; they are fathers, brothers, husbands; they are independent journalists who have been silenced. Not because they are dead, but because they dared speak out in the name of freedom and democracy. They are now political prisoners.

Their typewriters don't work, and some have been denied access to the internet and are dying in protest; they are relentless and unstoppable. They want the truth to come out at all costs.

Today is IAPA's call for all journalists to unite and request the immediate liberattion of these jailed voices and minds. Please let's all scream in unison:


Ricardo Alfonso, Pedro Argüelles, Victor Arroyo, Armando Bentancourt, Mijail Bárzaga, José Caraballo, José Castillo, Adolfo Fernández, José Ferrer, Alfredo Fuentes, Miguel Galván, José García, Alejandro González, Lester González, Oscar González, Roberto Guerra, Julio Gálvez, Iván Hernández, Normándo Hernández, Juan Herrera, José Izquierdo, Hector Maseda, Pablo Pacheco, Fabio Prieto, Alfredo Pulido, Omar Rodríguez, Omar Ruíz

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