Monday, August 14, 2006

Holocaust Cartoon Fair

Uptade: Uncommon Sense has pictures.

Yup, read right. There is a Fair (more like a contest) of cartoon's depicting the Holocaust. Remember Iran's promise during the Mohammed Cartoon debacle? Well, Iran is a country of its word.

"We staged this fair to explore the limits of freedom Westerners believe in," Masoud Shojai, head of the country's "Iran Cartoon" association and the fair organizer, said. "They can freely write anything they like about our prophet, but if one raises doubts about the Holocaust he is either fined or sent to prison," he added.
Are they expecting riots? Perhaps the Jews of the world to cause the destruction their Muslim counterparts did when the Mohammed cartoon's were published? Are they aware that you get "fined or sent to prison" only in Europe? This just seems like a silly excuse to of course, denigrate Jews yet once again. Grow up.

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