Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Who's better off since 1959, Cubans or Puerto Ricans?

Sounds like a trick question, right? Well it isn't. Havana Journal posted this very same questions two days ago. Yours truly was the very first comment/answer and a few more people have commented. Some say Puerto Ricans, and others - believe it or not - say Cubans.

It seems to me that above anything else, the right to live and the right to health are the singular most important and basic rights of a human being, with the right to an education being next, and on all these counts Cuba excels over Puerto Rico.
And that, coming from someone who's nickname is MiamiCuban. In my opinion, freedom simply is the most important basic right and does not have a price.

Since my readership includes both Cubans and Puerto Ricans, I encourage you all to go over there and give your two cents.

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