Thursday, August 24, 2006

CNN and Osama Bin Laden

Did you watch "In the Footsteps of Bin Laden" last night on CNN? No? Well you should've. Watch it on Sunday at 7pm EST. I missed the first hour and was sort of skeptical as to what kind of a report CNN had put together, being they are extremely biased to the left.

Whether you are extreme right, Republican or Democrat, know what we are dealing with, or an extreme left wing fanatic who believes the US will be safe if we leave Iraq you have to watch this report. Even more if you are one of the latter.

Osama was very clear, we will only be safe if we submit. Submit to Islam that is; accept the ways of Islam and you will be safe. So, you want to be safe from a terrorist attack? Convert to Islam! They want a theocracy government in the US, with of course, sharia law implemented. Then, to him, the US will no longer be the "greatest terrorist".

The report puts you face to face with exactly how crazy and deranged this people are; how much hate they harbor to us - and not just the government. Osama, more than once, spoke of killing Americans including civilians. All Americans are a target. Get that? All Americans - women, children, men, elderly, everyone.

A CIA operative was interviewed stating that they had a chance to bomb out Osama during the Clinton years - but they didn't because they saw swings in the backyard. While not wanting to harm children is commendable, even that ideal will change after watching this report. How Osama tailors his own children to continue his work when he is gone - even his daughter. How in the camps they train kids from about 7 years up and mold them into terrorists.

Here is a man who first hatches up a plan, and then finds the religious loophole to sell it to his people; to make the killing conform to Islam. A manipulator. He is no holy man, this is not religious fanatism on his part. This is pure power, pure hate, pure wish of domination.

Funny, the US is always being blamed of policing the world - you know Team America style. But what everyone who criticizes the war on terror, who thinks this is Bush or Republican rhetoric, does not understand is that this terrorist want to dictate our politics, our foreign policy, our government. When they threaten us because of our allies, because of what we do, or where we are - they are intruding and meddling in our sovereignty.

Extreme left wingers tell the government to stay out of Cuban politics and respect their sovereignty - how come I don't see the same passion from them towards Muslim terrorists? Is there a double standard?

I've long said that what the Muslim extremists want is the rebirth of a Moor Empire. Last night's report, was proof of that. Osama said it best in his message of warning to America (conforming to Islam teachings) - you will only be safe when you accept the ways of Islam.

No one, absolutely no one will dictate to me what religion I need to accept. NO ONE. Wake up everyone, we are in this for the long haul - Iraq or no Iraq; Israel or no Israel. They hate US - as in both us and America.

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