Thursday, August 31, 2006

Looking for a Few Good Men....or Women

Classes start next week, which means between teaching, studying for comps, working on my dissertation proposal and doing research I will be swamped. I'll be lucky to get a post a week.

So, I've decided, I will look for two guest bloggers. The requirements are simple: a post a day from at least one blogger, no Castro or communist propaganda in the posts, a somewhat conservative viewpoint - I stretch as far as center and so can the guest bloggers, and overall consistency with the blog.

Is there anyone among my loyal readers willing to help me out? It will probably be until around Thanksgiving, which is when I'm hoping to take and PASS my comps. Afterwards, I can take back the reins, but the guest bloggers can remain guesting if they so wish.

Any takers? Drop me an email wallstreetcafe-at-gmail-dot-com.