Monday, June 05, 2006

Prejudiced Liberals

Liberals think they are above conservatives: they are not prejudiced or racist but rather advocate diversity and multiculturalism. Bullshit. They advocate both but ONLY within their ranks, only within their liberalism and only while it serves them.

Liberals, the kool aid drinking type as well as regular liberals, suffer the same fault ALL humans suffer - it's called attribution, or more appropriately misattribution. Attribution is when you attribute an attitude to an object or person, based on a behavior or event - usually causal. In plain English, is when you make explanations about someone's behavior without really researching - like an assumption.

Misattribution of course is when said attribution is negative or made in error - like prejudiced. Right wingers and conservatives are continuously accused of being intolerant, racists, bigots that censor out dissenting opinions. How interesting that liberals espouse the same behavior albeit mask it as "defending the victim". Superhero. Yeah right.

Today I read this post at LatinoPundit which had a story by the L.A. Times that spoke about a meeting among African-Americans and Hispanic/Latinos to discuss immigration issues. The story referred to the meeting as a "black and brown roundtable". Honestly, I couldn't get past that paragraph. In my view, this remark was offensive because it was exclusionist. It made the issue a race issue; it made Hispanics a SINGLE race, a SINGLE group ignoring the diversity - that same diversity liberals profess to love - withing the Hispanic community.

Hispanic or Latino is an ethnicity NOT a race - there can be Black, Asian, White and Native American Hispanics and every combination of those four you can think of. Taking offense to this misattribution I commented the following:
As far as the MM go, well they just find out where the events are and go protest, just like everybody else.

As for telling somewhat what to do I'm lost; are you attacking Dymally for telling people that immigration is not an important issue?

I'm still trying to get over the "black and brown roundtable" which sounds more like a chocolate chip cookie than an actual meeting. Hispanic is an ethnicity not a race, so this brown thing, like we are ALL a different race is starting to get under my skin.
Because you know, I'm tired of this confusion of Hispanics being a race, and everyone ignoring the variety of Hispanics there are. Of course a conservative talking about respecting and recognizing diversity somehow turns out to be a racist, as this was the response by the site editor:
Now YOU lost ME...who's talking about race vs ethnicity? And what's to get over? Some blacks and latinos get together to talk and you have a problem with that? And then you insult others with your chocolate chip cookie comment.

Thanks but no thanks but we don't need racist remarks here... YOU ARE BANNED FROM POSTING HERE. And so is anyone else who have some smart remarks!
Sort of double standards don't you think? I'm not one to make public spats with bloggers, but given that I've emailed with this blogger before, and commented multiple times on his site as he has on mine, I thought there should've been more respect - or at least benefit of the doubt. I of course responded to LP, pointing out his bad case of misattribution:
You should consult with people you know before you ban them, instead of making RACIST attributions which my friend makes you more of a racist than whatever you think I am. I can see you don't afford your faithful readers and commenters the benefit of the doubt, or a chance to explain their comments. You just assume the worst and take action with name calling and intolerance. I thought I was supposed to be the conservative Republican here; turns out you behave like what you criticize a right wing intolerant who does not listen nor considers a misinterpretation.

Please explain how it is that me criticizing a newstory for the use of "black and brown" versus, let's say African-Americans and Hispanic/Latino racist? What kool aid are you drinking from and where the hell did your reaction come from? We are not "brown". I will not accept the term "brown" for Hispanic or Latino. I find it offensive because it is RACIST in that it is EXCLUSIONIST. What the heck happened to Black Hispanics, or Asian Hispanics, or White Hispanics or Mulatto Hispanics, or the different Native Indian Hispanics or all the other races within the Hispanic/Latino group?

When a newspaper uses brown versus Hispanic or Latino IT IS making it a RACE issue versus an Ethnic issue. If you have a problem with diversity and defending it, maybe you should rethink being a liberal Democrat.

Go ahead and ban me, if I really wanted to I can keep posting under different names and from different IP addresses and you would never know it's me. But given your behavior and your lack of respect towards me - again for making such an offensive attribution without as much as a chance to explain - I don't have any interest in posting at your site anymore. Man, I don't even ban the communist freaks that show up in my site hailing Castro.

I expected much more from you.
I really did. In particular when the blogger is a Hispanic pro diversity Liberal Democrat.