Friday, June 02, 2006

Pinging but Technorati is not listening

I've been traveling for the past two weeks so I hadn't realized that Technorati was apparently not receiving my pings. I noticed a decrease in traffic, but blamed it on the sporadic posting on my part.

However, it appears Technorati is to blame as it is not receiving (or not tagging) my pings. According to Technorati my last post was 20 days ago - when I posted about the death of Eusebio Penalver. 20 days ago.

It has not picked up any post since then. This happened recently to John at Marathon Pundit, so I asked his advice - "keep pestering them." and John was down two months! I remember thinking maybe Technorati is editing its content.

Has anyone else had this problem? I'd like to hear from other bloggers on how they solved this and what excuse Technorati gave them. I've written to Technorati but have yet to hear from them.

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