Friday, May 19, 2006

Secure our Borders Now

President Bush's first priority in his speech was border security; yet the Senate did not think it was a priority. Neither did they agree with the Ensign ammendment. This is getting to be a joke in which apparently businesses and not voters are the priority of the Senate, and in which the government of Mexico is threatening to take legal action against the U.S. if any troopsmen seize and/or capture illegas.

Excuse me? Since when does Mexico tell the U.S. what it can't or cannot do in its own territory with its own military when protecting their own border? Mexico's government would do better trying to stop the corruption in their country, and providing jobs and education so millions of them don't have to leave.

If you are a citizen or legal resident and believe that our borders should be secured and no amnesty should be granted I have a great resource for your: They have put up the billboard you see here in Dallas, Atlanta and now Miami and plan to expand to other states. You can help sponsor one of these billboards.

They also have a petition you can sign online. The two non-negotiable arguments of the petition are border security and no amnesty. In addition they have five other arguments you can choose to sign or not. The goal is 500,000 signatures to deliver to the Senate, so far they have around 360,000. If this is something you believe in, get to it!

A more aggressive campaign, if you have $15 to spare, is to fax your senators' offices (both in-state and D.C.) and the Senate Judiciary Committee up to 30 total faxes. For $50, you can additionally fax the entire senate . Of course if you own a fax and don't mind the long distance you can do this from home.

Whatever your stance is, remember that at the very least as a nation we have a right and a duty to secure all our borders as we see fit. No one can or should tell us who can or cannot seize illegals entering our country.

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