Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush's Immigration Speech

Update: The Senate rejects border-security first. Have they completely lost their minds?

Bush spoke tonight on immigration, and pretty much stuck to what Malkin had already published - recognizing problems with current immigration system, the fact that US has not been able to secure its border allowing illegals in to work using fraudulent documents, put pressure in schools nad medical systems and bring crime; yet the vast majority arre good hard working people, beyond the reach and protection of American laws.

He believes people come here for "the dream of freedom". He is wrong, immigrants come here for the dream of money not freedom.He supports comprehensive immigration reform to achieve the following 5 objectives:

1. The US must secure its borders, this is and urgent requirement and the right of a sovereign nation. Congress to provide funding for manpower and improvement 6k+ by 2008; technological advanced border security - fences, barriers, motion sensors, infrared, unmanned aerial vehicles to prevent illegal crossings. Immediate steps: use the National Guard up to 6k members, with Border Patrol in lead. Guard used for surveillance, fences, training...will not be involved in direct enforcement - this is for a year to be reduced as border patrol and technology increases. "Mexico is our neighbor and our friend" What? are you kidding me? They may be our neighbor but they are NOT our friend. Ensure that illegals crossing border are sent home - no matter where home is. Catch and release is unacceptable and will be ended - expanding retention facilities, expedite illegal process, and forcing foreing governments to take them back. How will they do this?

2. Create a temporary worker program - many people south of the border who will do anything to come here and work. Walls and patrols cannot stop, so this aims to stop inflow of illegals. Working for a limited amount of time; pass background checks and must return home - how exactly will we accomplish this?

3. Hold employers accountable - enforce the law; businesses cannot enforce b/c of document fraud so we must include document and eligibility requirements for legal workers - who's to say the biometric card cannot be fraudulent? what about the ACLU won't they start screaming about this? By when will the technology be in place? What will be the penalties for businesses who knowingly hire illegals?

4. Face the reality that they are here already and should not be given automatic path to citizenship. Amnesty would invite further waves of immigration - I agree. He disagrees with mass deportation - not wise nor realistic - rational middle ground: differences according to length of time here and have roots here and want to stay. Pay penalty, taxes, learn English work for number of years can apply for citizenship and wait in line behind those who followed the rules. Again, how will this be accomplished? See below for my comments on a tiered immigration bill.

5. Honor great american tradition of melting pot - newcomers need to assimilate. Ability to read and write English, respect Old Glory, English path to success - I couldn't agree with this more.

I listen to this, and I can't help but think back to what Newt Gingrich said Sunday on Meet the Press - a tiered system will only create an industry of fraudulent documentation as illegals scatter to prove they've been breaking the law for a long enough period of time. And he is right folks. No matter which side you are on, provisions need to be taken for this not to happen.

The president says this is not amnesty because they will pay their debt to society. However, if they accomplish their goal, if they get a residency or even citizenship after breaking the law how is this not amnesty? They broke the law and they are still rewarded with being legalized. If that is not amnesty, I don't know what is.

I propose that all those who get caught with fraudulent documents are deported and never allowed back in. After all, if you marry someone to get legal status and the BCIS discovers you, you are forever denied the right to be legal in the USA. How is presenting fraudulent documents different? Fraud is fraud.

Lastly, they keep talking about the guest worker program - but no one realizes that once they are legal to work, they will want better pay (as they should) and will not stand for being exploited. I believe this program might actually backfire, if wages do indeed go up since there will be more legal residents and/or citizens wanting to work for fair pay.

On the political side of things, I think our government should clearly state to Mexico: Butt Out! This is our country, our laws and our borders. We will conduct ourselves as we see fit. We don't tell you how to deal with your immigrants or protect your borders so don't tell us how to manage ours.

My only concern is that all this talk is about the south border, did someone forget we have a huge north border that no one is paying attention to?

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