Friday, May 05, 2006

Immigration Study

John Sensenbrenner, the Wisconsin Republican that sponsored the controversial HR4437 has released a report on immigration that well, helps prove his point - strong enforcement and tough sanctions can reduce illegal immigration.

"The study reports that 'illegal immigration is a worldwide problem' and that Japan and Switzerland are the most effective of those countries studied in enforcing their immigration laws. With all of the blustery rhetoric coming from opponents about a 'harsh' and 'draconian' House bill and the pontificating coming from foreign officials about how the U.S. should structure and enforce its immigration policies, I note that five out of the six countries studied -- including Mexico -- make illegal entry and unlawful presence a criminal offense. In reality, the House bill would bring U.S. immigration law more into line with most countries", added Chairman Sensenbrenner.
The Houston Chronicle also has news about the report. And for those of you who don't like Sensenbrenner, you will like this.

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