Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Common Sense the Newt Gingrich Way

I don't have a solution for the illegal aliens situation our country is going through. Amnesty is not the answer, is not fair and won't solve any problems. But what to do with all the illegals already here, is it feasible to deport all 12 million of them?

Newt has a plan. We may all not agree with his plan, but I have to admit, this is so far the mot common sense I've seen anyone say. Here are the highlights, but I recommend you alos read his plan in detail.

1. Gain Complete Control of the Border and Coasts
2. Enforce the Law - and this includes withdrawing federal funds from cities and states who choose not to
3. Use Technology to Keep Track of Who Enters the Country
4. Establish a Worker Visa Program
5. Zero Tolerance for Amnesty - As Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger put it so eloquently in a Los Angeles Times op-ed on March 28, “We can embrace the immigrant without endorsing illegal immigration. Granting citizenship to people who are here illegally is not just amnesty ... it's anarchy. We are a country of immigrants, yes. But we are also a nation of laws. People who want to be citizens will want to do it the right way.”
5a. Amnesty Will Lead to Greater Illegal Immigration.
5b. Amnesty is an Injustice to Those Who Are Complying with U.S. Immigration Law
5c. Amnesty Undermines the Rule of Law
5d. Amnesty Discourages Political and Economic Reform in Migrant’s Home Countries
5e. Amnesty Hides The True Number of Individuals Offered the Opportunity For Permanent Legal Immigration Due to Increased Eligibility to Bring In Additional Family Members
5f. Amnesty Will Fail to Stop the Marginalization of Individuals in Society
6. Dramatically Increase H1B and H2B Visas
7. Deportation Law Reform - removal within 72-96 hours
8. Citizenship Reform
Specific assimilation reform measures should include:
Returning to English language ballots, to a focus on English language literacy as a prerequisite of citizenship, to an insistence that U.S. dual citizens vote only in the United States and give up voting in their birth nations; These were principles widely understood and accepted for most of American history and they enabled us to absorb millions of immigrants and assimilate them and their children into an American civilization;

Enforcing the Oath of Allegiance (and making its understanding and affirmation part of the citizenship test, including specific programs to study for the citizenship test emphasizing American heroes, including military heroes); Focusing federal funds on teaching American history and the principles of American civilization;

Rescinding Executive Order 13166 requiring multilingualism in federal documents; an
Maintaining English as the primary language of America. English is not and never has been the only language in America. We have a long tradition of people speaking many languages in their local community and with other immigrants. But English has been and should remain our primary language. There should be a National Program for English Instruction that is modeled after the highly successful “Ulpan Studies” program in Israel. This would provide highly intensive English and American history and civics training for new immigrants so that they can have the practical skills to participate in every day American life and become employed. To encourage participation, immigrants would be incentivized with a reasonable stipend. Other benefits could include a shortening of the naturalization period for successful completion of the course.

And before anyone says anything about illegals not depressing the wage and doing jobs Americans don't do let me tell you a story. My spouse works at a supermarket and today a trucker arrived complaining. When asked what he was complaining about he stated that as a trucker he gets paid by the mile, and now a lot of Mexican illegals had come in and the price of the mile was down to 25 cents. The trucker, is Puerto Rican - American citizen, doing a job he wants to do but in which the pay has been depressed by illegal workers.

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