Friday, June 02, 2006

The furor over "Academia Semillas del Pueblo"

I'm sure by now, leftist apologists somewhere are calling all who are denouncing this school as being "racist" as racists and bigots themselves. After all, for the liberal left tolerance and diversity only flow one way - theirs. It's either their way or the highway.

Let's evaluate the facts cold and hard, and understand why it is not the existence of this school that's a problem, but the type of school it is. Academia Semillas del Pueblo is a Charter School. What is that you ask? According to the National Center for Education Statistics a Charter School is defined as:

"A public charter school is a publicly funded school that, in accordance with an enabling state statute, has been granted a charter exempting it from selected state or local rules and regulations. A charter school may be newly created, or it may previously have been a public or private school; it is typically governed by a group or organization (e.g., a group of educators, a corporation, or a university) under a contract or charter with the state. In return for funding and autonomy, the charter school must meet accountability standards. A school's charter is reviewed (typically every 3 to 5 years) and can be revoked if guidelines on curriculum and management are not followed or the standards are not met."
The operative words here are publicly funded school. Ok, so what is the big deal? Well the big deal is that the principal of the school, Marcos Aguilar, and the apparent philosophy of the school is based on AZTLAN teachings and philosophy - meaning they are teaching kids anti-American sentiment. With public funding. In addition, some of the donors raise more than one eyebrow:

National Council of La Raza Charter School Development Initiative
Raza Development Fund, Inc.
Glendale Nissan/Infinity, Inc.
The Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture California State University, Los Angeles Pasadena City College

I first heard of this story on Malkin, who has excellent coverage not only on the school and its principal but on reports that a reporter trying to interview the school's principal was attacked. Babalú has a link to an interview with the school's principal by an UCLA student, where you can evaluate his radical philosophy and his purpose for this school. Meanwhile, Michelle has posted news reports on the journalist attacked. The Free Republic has also been covering this story.

Where is the ACLU protecting the civil liberties of said reporter? Or protecting the education (or should we say indoctrination) of the kids who tomorrow will be adults? Keep in mind that these movements, both MeCHA and AZTLAN are reconquista movements, whose goal is to "take back" the southwest.

Most surprising is the fact, that according to the reports the school is doing horribly academically which you would never know from their website. However, from their website you can pretty much see that their curriculum is separatist even if they admit children of all races and ethnicity. According to official reports on a scale of 1 through 10 the school is academically scoring a 1 as measured by state standards, which could put renewing their charter in jeopardy.

So we have a school teaching a separatist philosophy, and in some cases a religious philosophy with public funding. What the heck? I bet you if tomorrow anyone wanted to open a Christian Charter School all hell would break loose, literally. First in line of course would be the ACLU. Yet we can have a school that indoctrinates kids with anti-American and separatist sentiment.

If you live in California, I urge you to express your disgust to your Senators and Representatives alike.

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