Thursday, June 01, 2006


Going to Mami's house to visit usually becomes a trip through memory lane. Since she is aware for my love for our family history, she will unearth anything she has found that connects us to Cuba.

For example, one of my prized possessions from this trip, is an article from Bohemia Puerto Rico on my cousin Jorge Rojas Castellanos. There is another one in Avance. Both will move you to tears as they did me, but I need to translate them so all my readers can enjoy and admire this young man as much as I do.

But before we get all sappy, I have a shock factor for all of you - an abanico or hand fan Mami brought me that nearly made me choke on my cafecito. I have no clue why this was taken out of Cuba - I can only guess someone thought it would be worth some dollars at some point in time. First I'll show you the back - which is advertising for a farmacia.

I've often wondered on the what if's of Cuba, and this one has been my biggest. I warn all of you this image might induce rage, hate and everything else. So just like Val has his email Fidel link, let's take this opportunity to vent at the same time some may remember. I would also appreciate if people can address the second guy in the picture.

Now for the front of the abanico: Riddle me this, riddle me that, who are these bearded basts?

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