Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Repression and Censorship in Cuba

Repression is alive and well in Cuba, attacking everyone and anyone who opposes the regime. Yes, Cuba is not the only place where this happens, I'm aware - China, Egypt and countless other countries suffer from repression of those who stand against their government. However, Cuba is the one country people love to believe this sort of thing doesn't happen.

Yesterday, Juan Carlos Leiva - a blind Christian rights activist in Cuba - was threatened by security forces. He and his family have been threatened, almost attacked and living in a state of siege for a week now. His crime? Standing up against the government, literally.

But sometimes you don't have to stand up to feel the brunt of the government. Sometimes all you have to do is report the news like in the case of Armando Betancourt. Mr. Betancourt was covering the news story of families being evicted from their homes because they had taken possession of them illegally - how someone in a government that prides itself in housing and educating ALL its population can illegally take possession of a home is beyond me.

As could be expected said families starting protesting their eviction and Mr. Betancourt was there to cover the story. Unfortunately, so was the police who arrested him and have held him for about a week now.

Yet, the Bearded Stooge would have people believe there are no "dissidents" on his communist island, just "mercenaries" of the United States. And I ask, how can anyone, unless they are on drugs or seriously naive, believe a government has 100% support from its population - no opposing views, no critics, not even disagreements? Wake up people.

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