Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yahoo plays favorites on religion

Ooops... Correction 2/22/06 11:46am: Sorry to my readers for posting information that wasn't entirely true. Sullivan's Post Is Allah-ta Crap clarifies that while the use of "allah" in any sense was banned by Yahoo, the company states it was due to the word being use for hateful purposes. It has since the incident reinstated the word and you can now use it (I tried and Uncommon Sense got one)
H/T to Pete Blackwell at Parenthetical Remarks, who did what I should have done when I read the rumor: Check it to see if it's true.

I have to admit, this one would belong to the WTF department were it not so scary. A couple of months back people were in an outrage when Google entered the Chinese market. It is surprising to say the least that these news about Yahoo have flown under the radar.

Yahoo is playing favorites on religion as Andrew Sullivan reports, and this is scary. According to the reports, you can get a Yahoo email account with words like: God, Messiah, Yaweh, Buddah but if your last name is Callahan, well you are shit out of luck!

So let's see, if my religion acts violently I get respect, but if my religion behaves normally I get trampled on? If I had the financial resources I would sue the pants of Yahoo - they either accept all denominations of God or they don't. Lo que es igual no es ventaja. This only plays into the Islamofascists warped view that they deserve more than everyone else, and that their religion should be respected, mind you, when they disrespect everyone else's.

This does it for me and Yahoo. I will no longer use any of their services, and I call on all of you to do the same. Also, write Yahoo and protest this religious favoritism.

(H/T Uncommon Sense)
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