Friday, November 02, 2007

Threat or No Threat?

You tell me,
A contract employee at the largest nuclear plant in the nation was stopped at a
plant entrance Friday with a "relatively small" explosive device in his truck,
officials said.
I don't know about you but explosive and nuclear don't quite go together. "
This would be no story at all if it weren't for where the man worked," a law
enforcement official involved in the case said.
Gee, you think?
"There is no connection to terrorism. There is no threat to public safety."
Then what the hell was an employee doing with an explosive device described as a "pipe bomb"? Maybe I'm missing something, so let's keep reading.
The pipe had suspicious residue, but APS said initial checks failed to show any
explosive material on the pipe.
Whoa, hold on a minute, didn't you just tell me it was an "explosive device" and a "pipe bomb"? How the hell then is there no explosive material on the pipe? "
MCSO bomb squad tests later determined that the capped pipe was a credible
explosive device," APS said in a written statement.
The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office seems a bit confused. Is it or is it not a bomb?
Moreover, the device was so small that it would not have destroyed the truck if
it had detonated, let alone a large facility like Palo Verde, the official said.
Then why the hell all the fuss? If it wasn't enough to even blow up the truck, why am I even reading about this? The slant on the story should've been on how great the security at the plant is that they noticed this.

So let's review, an employee of the plant who has no business with explosives gets caught with a device that is called a pipe bomb but that really wouldn't even blow up his truck. And Homeland Security has so many layers to get to the reactor that this would be akin to a mosquito bite.

Should we be worried? You decide.