Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cubans in the U.S.

One thing I love about blogging is the stories I get to read; in particular those of Cubans who have reached success.

Such is the story of Juan Alonso. A great story of a working class family who sent their 9-year-old boy to the states. Juan worked hard and discovered he was gay; later he channeled his artistic spirit into painting and now has a collection on exhibition at a gallery.

While Juan and I don't agree on everything we do share one thing in common:

About Seattle friends who visit the island and come back full of praise, he's
ambivalent. "I don't think they realize that Cubans working in the tourist
hotels are not allowed to eat there or even talk freely to the customers. I have
a nephew in that position. It's real. But Americans visit and say the place is
lovely. I say, yes, my island is lovely. It's a lovely police state."

Hey it's Seattle, I'll take any sane argument about the apartheid in Cuba.

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