Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hello? Anyone around??

I know I've sort of abandoned my blog, but it's been a funky year. To quote Jerry, "what a long strange trip its been".

It's been a year since Papi passed away. I wanted to write something for the one year anniversary, but honestly I wasn't feeling like it. I broke my hand, my comps were delayed, and I've been having a million problems with getting my dissertation down. My husband crashed, the car was totalled and we had to buy a new one.

Did I mention I'm behind in my dissertation? So know I'll probably stay around here until 2009.

But good things have happened. The Sox won the World Series, the Pats are undefeated, and it seems, I'm starting to move along and gather my old self. My passions are coming back, and so is my ability to debate coherently. So I'm sure that pretty soon, I'll have this little blog back on track with the news and the commentary.

After all we have an election creeping up!

Hoping you are still around, thank you for staying with me.