Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"Democracies" around the world

Interesting situation in these past couple of days in Pakistan and Georgia, in which US Government supported "democracies" have exhibited "dictatorshiplike" behavior. Is it that some countries just simply cannot follow a democratic model? Or is it that democracies get corrupted once in power?

If you take Latin America for example, corruption is so rampant that democracies pretty much don't work except in countries with "controlled" corruption. This corruption is partly responsible for some of the leftist governments that have recently risen to power: Ecuador, Venezuela, Guatemala, Nicaragua to name a few.

Good News and Bad News: The silver lining in these protests, is the fact that the Pakistani protests are led by none other than a woman. In a Muslim world, I think that is a very good sign of possible future things to come. However, while Musharaf worries about the protestors Al-Qaeda is having a field day in the Northwest territories.

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