Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Haven't we heard this before?

Evo Morales accuses the US of plotting to kill him. Same as Chavez. Same as Castro. Same as so many others.....

If memory doesn't fail me, I'd venture to say the only time (in recent history) the US has been successful of an "assassination" was with the US backed coup in Chile where Allende was killed or committed suicide - but was not solely assassinated.

It seems to me that for all the US imperialist glory, for being such a powerful and machiavellic nation as the Three Stooges claim we are, we should be able to assassinate them before they even get a whiff of the conspiracy. Sadly, their constituents are not bright enough to realize this and are gullible enough to believe any lie presented with the US as the bad guy.

Seriously, if the US was half of what we are accused of being - none of this people would even exist.

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