Thursday, October 05, 2006


No I haven't died.
No I haven't give up blogging.
No, there hasn't been a shortage of news.
Yes I've been that busy with school.

So consider this an open thread to post newsworthy Foleygate (as Roberto calls it), that debacle of cover up of a Republican house member sending inappropriate emails and instant messages to male teenage pages - and no one doing anything about it.  Jesus, did the Catholic Church scandal not teach us anything?  This issue has divided Republicans (no, not down the middle more like 90/10) since most GOPers believe Hastnert should be fired, or resign, as well as everyone else who knew about this.  I do believe part of the problem is the lack of term limits.  People, we need to break up these good ole boys networks - from Ted Kennedy down - Senators and House members should NOT serve more than two terms consecutively.

You can also discuss the illegal immigrants accusing Dunkin and Applebee's of discrimination.  Why?  Well, because the Social Security sent the restaurants a no-match list, and they got fired.  Let's see, you come here illegally, illegally obtain a Social Security number (fraud) and then get a job, again illegally, get caught, get fired, and it's discrimination?  Hello?

Thirdly, in Iraq it seems the US Forces have to take back some policing duties due to unethical Iraqui police members suspected of cooperating with section violence and surprisingly, Iraquis are welcoming the firings (or should I say dismissals?) and the re-involvement of the US Forces.  It seems the Iraquis have more faith in our boys than some people over here in the mainland.

So, what do you want to talk about?  Post links and or comments.

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