Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Hodge Podge

Oriana Fallaci, leftist journalist and outspoken critic of any type of fascism, has passed away. Mos recently she was a tough critic of Islam fascim, or fundamental Islam or Islam extremists - whichever term you prefer. She lost her long battle with cancer, and died in her native Florence. While I'm sure some will be celebrating her death, her views will not be silenced. You can read more here and here . Surprisingly, couldn't find leftie blogs covering the news; her harsh criticism of Islam must've made her not PC, even though a leftie herself.

Meanwhile, Islam is beyond criticism according to the Pakistani National Assembly. They are asking the Pope to retract comments he make that linked Islam with violence. Yeah, and I want the whole world to retract comments made that linked Catholicism with pedophiles. Get a grip people, and learn to take the truth, take an introspective look and reform your fallacies. El sol no se tapa con un dedo. I hope the Pope sticks to his words. Michelle Malkin has more.

And 9 Cubans who were being held to be deported from Mexico for entering the country illegally (now there's a thought!) managed to escape the detention center in Tijuana and make it to the border - and of course ask for asylum. At least some good news this week.

On other news, my university will be holding a debate on civil rights and surveillance programs - ironically on Constitution Day. One of the sides will be represented by the ACLU and the other by the Attorney General of my state. Haven't decided if I have the stomach and self control to assist, being that I literally live in Kool-Aid land.

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