Friday, September 08, 2006

The Democrats against Freedom of Speech

Update: So far ABC is airing the series

I honestly have no words for what I'm feeling right now. This brouhaha about the 9/11 miniseries is well dumbfounding and something I thought I'd never see. I can understand the Dems wanting to correct factual evidence - that's understandable, and even some high profile conservative bloggers agree.

But implying a threat to pull ABC's liscence if it airs the mini-series? At first glance that could be blackmail, but it certainly is censure. Since when does the government tell me what I can and cannot watch? Since when do politicians go around threatening TV stations in order to control what is broad cast?

Farenheit 9/11 came out, amidst protests, calls of fraud, calls of defamation, calls of lies - some of which have even been proven. The government didn't censor the movie, and allowed it to play in movie theaters were people could pay to watch it. I say that if the Dems are going to make ABC pull the miniseries off the air, then I want it as a movie in a theater where I can go see it.

I am in shock, that the one value our nation can tout - FREEDOM OF SPEECH - is being raped, silenced, stifled. How dare they? I thought conservatives were supposed to be the fascists. Yet it is the Democratic Party the one engaging in the fascist behavior, the one blackmailing, the one censuring.

ABC is dead for me if they go along with the censure. The Democratic Party is dead and buried for me as well. Though I'm a registered Republican, and conservative, I do take an Independent approach to voting - always voting for whom I believe the best candidate even if it means crossing party lines. Well I'm sorry, no more. I will not condone this type of tactics and behavior.

AllahPundit has a GREAT post over at Hot Air, with multiple updates and great perspective. One of his updates is a link to Texas Rainmaker with a must read play by play post. George at BabaluBlog, is up in arms and does a run down about how liberals are the ones engaging in the behavior they accuse conservatives of, as well as a good round up of news links.

I'm of the opinion that this could affect the Dems in the mid-term elections as they are giving the mini-series added publicity - I for one had not heard about the series until the Dems started crying foul. If the errors are corrected, I don't think it says anything the public doesn't already know. It is a fact and common knowledge that the Clinton administration had the chance to take out Osama and didn't take it.

So what do you think?

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