Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chavez and the UN

That a so called world leader can stand behind the podium of the UN assembly and insult another world leader in an infantile rant is amazing. Are there no standards, no code of ethics, no diplomacy required to speak? You may not like other leaders, but come on "the Devil", "smells of sulfur" and pimping Noam Chomsky? Has the UN no self respect for itself as an organization?

My God tennis and golf tournaments require more than this from their players. But then again this is the organization led by Kofi and the oil for food scandal.

Whatever I wanted to say - no one says it better than an editorial at the Daily News. As irreverent as Chavez's demagoguery, the editorial expresses my sentiments to a tee. Some highlights (emph. mine):

May your prayers be answered, Señor Chavez. May the United Nations leave New York for residence in Venezuela, so very far from the diplos' lush and cushy berth on the East Side...take the atrophied, self-abasing remains of a global ideal 2,100 miles to Caracas, where you can play the messianic oil baron game to your heart's content with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. can shove the gasoline you sell to Americans through Citgo, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Venezuelan national oil company through which you are bribing your way into international power...It is, frankly, un-American for U.S. citizens to pour money into any bank account that bears the Hugo Chavez name, you being despicable enough to suggest that "the U.S. empire planned and conducted" the 9/11 terror attacks "against its own people" as an excuse to go to war.

Far more pertinent is that oil-bought Chavez cronyism is pervasive enough among UN member states to put Venezuela in serious contention for a spot on the Security Council, the body the world is forced to rely on to stem Ahmadinejad's atomic aspirations. Once there, Venezuela would work to help Iran become the world's most dangerous country - one dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Saddam Hussein had his way with the UN by corrupting the oil-for-food program to buy his way out of having to comply with weapons inspections. Today's trade is oil for nukes, and the UN is again reclining into a supine position.

The parliament of mankind? Naw. A cheap bordello.

A cheap bordello. That is exactly what the UN is. I would've added after kicking the UN out of the East Side, stopping all US funding to the organization - I'm sure Chavez would more than willingly double the amount to fund the UN in Caracars.

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