Saturday, October 21, 2006

"Bling Bling" to good use

I've been wanting to report on this story for a while, but you all know that my heart has been on other things.

Many times I've thought of how much education could be improved if rappers and professional athletes (who have made it out of the ghetto) would put some money back into their communities - schools, after school programs, scholarships for urban youth, etc.

Sometimes it seems they are just to busy trying to forget and show off. But at least some people do remember that their fame and their newfound money can help others. Such is the case of Daddy Yankee.

Daddy Yankee is a Puertorican reggaeton singer who is pretty much credited with taking reggaeton out of the underground and making it mainstream. He is also a hard worker who beleives in education.

"Blinblineando" is a initiative he developed with support from Puerto Rico's Department of Education and El Nuevo Dia newspaper, to provide 16 schools with new equipment. Granted 16 schools is not much; but it is a start. And frankly, I haven't seen any other Puertorican celibrity giving back to the community in recent years.

The fact that "El Cangri" as he is affectionately called, is giving $160K of his money and had the motivation to push for this program and the interest to improve the education of those with less than him shines more than any Bling Bling he may be sporting.

We can only hope that other stars such as Sean John, Snoop Dog, Ludicrous, Beyonce, Usher etc. follow in Daddy Yankee's footsteps.