Monday, June 26, 2006

La Ventanita

I don't have the traffic of Dean Esmay or Wizbang.

I don't have the amount of posts of Michelle Malkin.

I don't have the insightful commets of Professor Reynolds.

I don't have the war knowledgeof Iraq the Model or Ed at Captain's Quarters.

I don't have as many commenters or cool videos as Hot Air.

I don't have the number of contributors of Babalu.

But I do have one thing that makes me the proudest littlest blog - respect. I look at my readers, who often disagree with me and with each other, and I can't help but smile. My readers can handle an open debate, both sides of the issue without stooping to insults or name calling. Debating an issue the old fashioned way - with logic and with respect. Recognizing the differences, the different view points, the different beliefs and respecting those while trying to advance their own.

So to you my loyal faithful readers - the few, the proud, the coffee drinkers at La Ventanita - a big thank you not only for your patronage but for your class and for your true interest in advancing debate and solving issues. This great nation could benefit of having more of you in Congress and the Senate and less of them.

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