Thursday, June 15, 2006


You may have noticed my rythm of blogging is not the same as's not lack of interest, or running out of's those damned COMPS!!!!

What are comps you ask? Well comps is short for Comprehensive Examination. You see, I just ended the second year of my doctoral program, which means I'm done with classess. So in the fall I have to take and pass these written and oral comprehensive examinations for which ALL the material from the first two years of classes is game. ALL OF IT.

In the end comps are reduced to three questions to be answered in two days - five hours each day. Questions are open ended which means you have to basically write an essay that is supported with references. So it is like writing three term papers on the spot.

Having said that since I have to prepare for said exams, blogging will be erratic. It may be heavy at times, and non existent at others. So please, do come by every day and check - because I'll be blogging when I take breaks!!!!!