Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cuba's Internet Police

For those people who still want to believe that there is no censorship in Cuba's Internet, I give you this video not intended to be viewed outside the island nation. The video is the session in which they justify suspending five Cuban students for up to five years for violations that their information technology school deemed ''very grave'': running chat rooms and using school servers to sell Internet access to others. It goes to show the lengths Cubans are willing to go to in order to have access to information.

In May The Real Cuba posted the video series of Guerrilleros en la Red in which a plan to train cyber warriors to control internet access in Cuba backfired and found its students using their skills to hack their way to the outside world.

The hour long video, which is a must see and please note the Venezuela shirts, can be summarized as follows:

"There are more than 100 counter revoultionary websites....financed by CIA Cubanet and CANF website with more than 10 years presence on the Internet. There are other sites from other countries, like Spain, that attack our Cuban Revolution. Our sites have been attacked by hackers, that one can think are financed by the CIA. For example Cubaweb has been attacked various times."

The students were providing chat services using a University server - which is a very grave offense. They had relationship with a Cuban American in the US - my what a grave offense. They appropriated themselves of Internet accounts. One student had pornography and sensitive information. Indiscriminate violations of the technology code.

Arian Molina Aguilera - had a chat service in his university computer and an illegal proxy; and had sensitive University information such as student databases, had hacking softwares, chatted on which is a US site knowing the site was hosted in the US and NOT in Cuba.

Magdiel Hernandez Ramos - used Infomed accounts illegaly, administrator of MiCuba chat and had personal relationship with Relis, moderated an illegal forum illegally hosted in the computer with three illegal chat rooms, illegal use and distribution of University accounts

Ibrahim Ortega Rodriguez - illegal use of Internet accounts, principal provider of illegal passwords and accounts, he accessed illegal and pornographic sites and innocents were questioned because he was using other people's accounts, hacking and virus software

Reynaldo Mezquita Martinez - Armed Forces cadet (uproar in the audience), operated one of the chat rooms, offering chat service, use and distribution other user's accounts for web surfing, hacking and virus software. Shameful coincidence that he was a member of one of the "comites". They will pursue him being expelled from the comite and the juventud comunista.

In addition two other students were suspended: Jose Luis Malbar operated a chat room and had illegal accounts, hacking and virus software, Raul Vallejo operated a chat room in, used others accounts, hacking and virus software, illegal proxy.

The forum was opened to the public - students are aware of these "indisciplines" and do nothing about it. In other words, we need to be better informants to the authorities. Another student asked if these culprits would be penalized by criminal law as well. Man had I been there I would've get shot on the spot.

In this university 80% of our students belong to the Communist Youth.

I just finished watching the video and frankly it makes me want to throw up. The students, according to the principal speaker, were suspended rather than expelled because they are young and still in their formative years. Yeah, right. This guys are screwed for life in Cuba; they are marked for life. Even if they get to finish their education they will never amount to much because of their high treason. Sadly, it seems that more students will fall prey to this "suspensions" as the investigation is ongoing.

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