Friday, June 16, 2006

Vamos a Cuba book banned

Cubans have mixed feelings about banning the book, taking on the ACLU and giving the book more publicity than it would've ever had while at the same time furthering the image of the intransigent dictatorial Cuban.

Others are jumping for joy and feel a wrong was somewhat righted, since the Vamos a Cuba book presents inaccuracies of life, politics and education in Cuba - like the 26th of July being a Carnival instead of the celebration of the revolutions <i>Toma de Moncada</i>.

I am somewhat in the middle, and try to think what I would do if I had a child in this situation.  At the same time I think what would African-Americans do if a book came out about <i>Vamos a Sud Africa</i>, Let's visit South Africa, and the book somehow failed to mention apartheid.  Or what would Jews do if a book came out into schools about Let's visit Palestine, and the book spoke of how Israel is the monster and Palestinian the victims; or neglected to mention the indoctrination of Palestinian children.

In all three situations these books would be in the library, and could be used to complete homework assigned by the teachers.  While I'm all for free speech, and no to book banning, I would certainly would not want my child to be exposed to the wrong information; to be misled or to be deceived.  And that is what is at heart here, this book is a deception.

If the book depicted truthfully what live is like for kids in Cuba, and how this is the communist youth uniform and not boy scouts, I wouldn't have a problem with it.  However, lies and deception in a book geared to children aged 5-7 years old I cannot take.

Democrats are in uproar because Bush lied; Bush deceived us; yet we can sit here and allow a foreign government, enemy of the United States of America to lie to our children while our tax dollars fund the bill.  I will have none of it.

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