Sunday, June 25, 2006

The New York Slimes

Update: You may or you may not agree with me, that's what makes this great. But regarding the SWIFT article published with by the Times, I completely agree with Reynolds.

Yup. The New York Times has done it again. This time about a classified Pentagon meeting talking about troop reduction in Iraq.

Honestly, are people at this newspaper at all concern with the security and safety of our nation and our people? Are these editors and reporters so selfish, so self absorbed, so in search of self glory that they are willing to endanger not only our nation but also the life of our troopsmen?

This is treason, sedition.

The New York Times should be criminally charged; cleansed of these idiot reporters, editors and publishers who put themselves before the United States of America and her people.

Freedom of information, the right to know is a veil to disguise their clearly anti-American agenda. This is not even left wing bias. This is outright anti-Americanism at its best.

Being a reporter takes guts, yes. But it also takes responsibility, maturity and selflessness. And that means knowing when to put the interests - in this case the safety - of others ahead of your own. You know, being a true socialist.

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