Saturday, April 01, 2006

Immigration and Baseball? A Lesson Learned

What does immigration have to do with Baseball you ask? No we are not talking Cuban defectors, or players from other countries signing contracts with MLB teams.

Did you ever play ball? Did you ever play games as a child? We all did, and if we try real hard we will remember that those games had rules and that those rules had a reason for being there.

As Gabriel Garnica, a proud Latino and thankful American citizen, elocuently puts it: most importantly if we wanted to play, we had to follow the rules of the field.

A brilliant excerpt:

"Why is it so hard for illegal immigrants to understand or humbly accept that The United States has certain rules for its territory which it has a right to enforce and visitors have a duty to follow?

Immigration observers have noted that entitlement thinking has bred a more arrogant, demanding, disrespectful, selfish and even insolent immigrant. These people act as if this country owes them something going in. They have the equation upside down. They are the ones who owe this country as much respect, loyalty, dedication, humble appreciation and unselfishness as possible.

It is a privilege to be in this country much less one of its citizens and too many of these angry immigrants demanding reform act as if this country is privileged to be chosen by them."

Contrary to other pieces, this one is not only written by a Latino American Citizen, but also by a lawyer who believes the rule of law should be practiced, just like we practice rules of play in the field.

This piece is a must read for everyone.

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