Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Disturbing Image

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This people need to be STOPPED now, before they unleash anti-immigrant resentment on all of us.
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Babalu, Michelle Malkin, and a must read at Real Clear Politics.

"We are Americans too" I don't think so.

This disturbing image comes from yet another student walkout protest in Whittier, CA, where its obvious where the student's loyalties lie. This is just plain disrespectful and ungrateful behavior, even if its just from a group of students.

The fact that no protestor is raising their voice against this, is actually more telling than the picture. As Michelle Malkin so aptly put it: Welcome to the Reconquista - which also displays anti-American sentiment.

Do the students understand what they are doing? Are they aware of the message they are sending to the rest of the nation with such acts? Mind you, the problem here is not the upside down American flag - the bigger problem is the Mexican flag flying on top of the American flag.

I've never been a fan of La Raza, I've always been a fan of integrating into society. Showing off flags of other countries belongs in an honoring heritage parade, not in protests where you are shouting that you want to be an American; where you are demanding rights when you have broken the law.

This is something taken out of a book of the Aztlan movement, and will not bode well with Americans nor with other naturalized immigrants - who went the legal route and who while maintaining their identity integrated into society.

More photos here.

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