Sunday, March 26, 2006

HR4437 Posting - House Rules

Please read before commenting on the coming HR4437 posts this week:

1. The subjects of this discussion are illegal aliens NOT Mexicans. Recent numbers show that more Central Americans (than Mexicans) are coming through, so this is NOT a debate about Mexicans.

2. Although the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens are Hispanic/Latino, this is NOT a debate about Hispanics/Latino - there are illegal immigrants of other nationalities as well so we will not discriminate.

3. Please stick to the subjects with good, well developed, logical arguments - do not go on tangents, or other topics that are "smokescreens" in order to distract attention to some other topic.

4. Since this is a very emotional topic, there will be NO insulting, NO offending, NO disrespecting ANYONE here - that includes Republicans, Democrats, the President, Hispanic/Latinos, American citizens, or any other group, nationality or ethnicity - just because others do it doesn't mean it is childish, immature, and leads discussion nowhere fast.

5. I will express my views only and ONLY in my posts. I will not debate or argue comments until the following post - meaning I will not engage ANYONE individually, I will just moderate the discussion.

6. Bear in mind comments WILL BE MODERATED for content that violates any of the rules. If you comment with your email, I will notify you and ask you to revise. If you comment anonymously, I will edit your comment and publish the edited version.

7. Please send all links to me as well, as they will aid in the posting process.

8. Suggestion for other rules of polite and civil discussion are accepted.
This are the rules of the house. Let's argue and debate in a civil manner so we can lead to a productive conclusion.

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