Friday, March 24, 2006

Energy Involution

Some months back The Bearded Stooge started a so called "energy revolution" which in order to save money and energy he placed in the market new cookers, and apparently new stove burners. Well, I guess he neglected to tell Cubans that these new appliances would save costs and energy because they wouldn't work.

Via Cuba Net, people now call the burners "deodorants", because so many Cubans are walking with them under their armpits on the way to get them repaired. But of course, now the lines at the repair shop are ridicously long - as in everywhere else.

The article states that the Cubans have started to be convinced that the appliances are nothing more than another political ploy that far from solving problems, it creates new ones - and that without taking into account the amount of money these poor Cubans must invest, first in purchasing the new appliances and second in their repair. In the words of one Cuban:
"Son pacotilla barata que el estado nos vende caro a nosotros, pero que no sirven para nada y gastan muchísima corriente".
Meaning they are cheap non-working energy draining appliances sold to them at high prices. The burners sell for 100 pesos, and the cookers for 145. Isn't the average Cuban monthly salary 12 pesos? You do the math.