Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bombs in Bolvia

UPDATE: Off Topic has a great analysis of the situation including the creation of what appear to be CDR's, Comités de Barrio, Bolivarian Circles, or however you want to call them - in order to defend Bolivia's democracy.

Marathon Pundit has an even greater post on this American who calls himself Lestat.

The blame game has started.

An unfortunate incident, twin bombings in Bolivian hotels, has become yet another thing to blame on the US. Why? Well because one of the bombers is an American citizen, or claims to be an American citizen - depends on whether you read Bloomberg or CNN.

What amazes me is that even though the second bomber was Uruguayan, Uruguay is not getting blamed for the bombings. Following the logic of Morales' quote below, shouldn't Uruguay be blamed too?

"The United States claims to fight terrorism, yet Americans come to put bombs in our hotels,'' Bolivian President Evo Morales said at a ceremony in the eastern city of Santa Cruz, in comments broadcast by La Paz-based Radio Panamericana. ``This is an attack on Bolivian democracy.''
And I have to ask, since when do the actions of one citizen reflect the opinion of an entire country?

By Stooge Morales' logic then all Bolivians are "narcos" since there are Bolivian druglords, and as such we should continue erradicating the coca plantations. Oh but wait, he is against that, because the Natives are not dealers - so he says. You have to love it when government contradicts itself. But as Stooge Morales said on his interview with Jorge Ramos "I demand much respect." Respect is not demanded, it is earned.

I suggest that Stooge Morales gets some diplomacy lessons, before he starts generalizing and accusing in mass, which is exactly what he criticizes the US of doing. Then again, maybe Bolivia and USA are not that different after all in their policies.

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