Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Islamists challenge the USA Constitution

Via Israpundit, comes this article that is sure to raise some eyebrows and pop out some eyeballs as well. The article is a brilliant analysis of Islamists requests and US Constitutional law.

While this article is long it is a must read if you are at all the littlest worried about the increasing Muslim presence in the US and their apparent inability to assimilate into secular life - they want to build enclaves where Sharia law applies. Preposterous you say? Well they already exist, somewhat, in Baltimore and Kansas.

I want to see where the ACLU stands on this. Just weeks ago they were all over Domino's Pizza owner because he wanted to develop a strictly Catholic neighborhood around the new Ave Maria University in South Florida. The ACLU uproar was that condoms and other birth control would not be sold in the pharmacies and that this was unconstitutional.

Will they think the same for establishments not selling alcohol? For women having to don a hijab to cross through the towns? What about when the first convert is sentenced to death? Or the women beaten?

People are up in arms about HR4437 and illegal immigrants. No disrespect but, people should be paying more attention to this. Being tolerant of others does not mean allowing them to import their laws and their countries.

Freedom of religion means you can practice your religion free of persecution; you can even live in communities where there is a preponderance of your religion. But imposing your religious laws to a community, even if private property, should be unconstitutional.

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