Monday, March 27, 2006

The Value of Freedom

57 days... barely alive, in critcal condition and in grave danger

I cry for Guillermo Fariñas; I fear the day I will hear he has lost his fight because it will mean he is no longer with us. I don't know this man, yet I cry for him. His eyes scream kindness, his body show his struggle and his words his determination. Guillermo Fariñas wants to be free. Correction, Coco as his family and friends call him, is free - at least his mind and his soul are. In his own words in a letter to Fidel Castro he states:
"Even though I live within a dictatorship, I consider myself a free man"
Who is this man? Mr. Fariñas is a Cuban psychologist and director of the Independent Press Bureau Cubanacán Press. Cubanacán, as an independent press, reports the news that the government doesn't; reports the crimes that the Cuban regime denies and hides from the rest of the world. It was after reporting one such crime, how the government attacks and opresses dissidents, that Mr. Fariñas had his and his agency's (his staff) Internet access cut off.

Unless you are a government member, as a regular Cuban you have to go to an Internet café to access the Internet. At an exorbitant price, half of a month's wages, you can purchase an hour on the net. However, your surfing abilities are curtailed as the regime blocks all sites it does not want its people to see - just like China blocks opposition blogs and commentaries. Cubanacán Staff used the Internet to send out their reports, their stories to foreign press bureaus for publication, in an effort to report the truth about Cuba and their situation.

Guilermo Fariñas is now on his 57th day of hunger strike, willing to die and be a martyr for his cause. Still it is one of the most unreported and not covered news stories around. The silence is deafening.

This man is a compassionate, pacific gentleman, protesting in a civil and pacific way and asking for something that we take for granted - Internet. Will you help save Fariñas?

What would you do without the Internet? What would you do without Freedom?

Please search this blog for Guillermo Fariñas so you can learn more about this man, his cause and his hunger strike.

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