Friday, March 31, 2006

The Great Protest Fiasco

I had not wanted to make this debates about Mexicans but then there is the Aztlan (very disturbing group - anti-American, pro-Fidel and anti-Semite), La Raza (race? when did being of Hispanic/Latino heritage become a race issue? There are white, black, asian, and native Hispanic/Latinos), MeCHa, Reconquista fiasco - political Mexican groups who would want nothing more than to recuperate the southwest for Mexico again. But just when you think the anti-American behavior is dying down, and we might actually get past these incidents to the big issue at hand I run into this, this and this. Maybe they need to be reminded of history.
Illegal Americans settled at the Alamo in search of a better life. What did Mexico do? Sent General Santa Ana to slaughter a group of civilians settlers living peacefully, that fought a battle that was lost before it began. Houston came to make Santa Ana pay for the slaughter of the Alamo. Faced with death, Santa Ana signed a treaty signing over the land.
Want someone to blame, blame Santa Ana. No one stole anything, and they should remember the Alamo when they march requesting Amnesty. Where was the amnesty for the settlers of the Alamo? Even more, let's look at recent histroy, exactly what does Mexico do with illegal aliens? Do they welcome them with open arms? Do they give them Amnesty? Or do they take them to camps and deport them to where they came from?

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