Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cuba Blogging

As an American of Cuban descent - or Cuban-American - I made the personal decision to include the Immigration topic. However, I must admit, it's been a challenge to balance the avalanche of Immigration news with Cuba news. This of course has left me behind on Cuba news...

Yesterday I woke up to find that college students get rare look at Cuba; and as I got back from classess Babalu led me to this great post from Fausta's Blog.

More recently John at Marathon Pundit, let me know why Sharon Stone bombs twice. If you are anti-castro, his post is a must read, especially if you've never heard of Jan Schakowsky.

And we must never forget that the rafts only go one way - Out of Cuba (more here) and the farmers pay the price.

And in the shocker of the day, while the MSM would be the only one to allow calling owning private property "corruption", at least this time they are not blaming the embargo or Bush.

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