Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin on ABC

Although the interview questions were a bit loaded and out of context, I'll watch 20/20 today to get the full picture. However, the segment presented yesterday in ABC - which was taken out of the 20/20 full interview - is already creating buzz.

Personally I thought Palin held her own, and answered the questions quite well and truthfully. The media today has created all sort of distortions, even headline distortions (mainly WaPo). Ironically, a paper in Australia has been the one with the fairest coverage comparing Palin's answers to those of Obama to similar questions.

It is quite revealing. While the headline is loaded, the article goes to show that what the Palin criticism coming out of some media outlets is completely biased since Obama seems to hold the same beliefs.

The New York Post calls ABC on its mistakes and biases in the interview and calls for the media to ask real questions.

In turn, Beck exposes the lies in the media regarding Palin.