Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama and Wright and wrong

I'm not a fan of Obama, but I was rooting for him to win the Democratic nomination. I thought what a great thing it would be for a Black to win a nomination, and for Hillary to get shafted. I also wanted to see how the Democrats would handle the race issue and proved me right about Hillary: it's all about power no matter who is in the middle.

So in a way, I was very disappointed when I saw and heard Rev. Wright's now infamous diatribes about how we deserved 9/11, about how we invented AIDS for genocide (probably more how the white man invented AIDS to cleanse Africa of the brothers) and that hurtful phrase that I still can't believe any citizen would say - God Damn America. They are not light words, and for someone who wasn't running on race having your spiritual leader be all about race became an issue.

You read the MSM and get two points of view: the speech was either the second coming of Christ or it was filled with contradictions. I've seen more of the former than of the latter. Still, not that many people are holding Obama accountable and responsible for his pastor's comments. After all this is his pastor and his church for the past 20 years. If any priest at any church started anything like this, on the spot I get up and leave. Trust me, I've done it for less inflammatory things.

So, today, I was pleasantly surprised when Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe called Obama on his excuse of not thinking this was a problem before it affected his possible nomination. In college I wrote once about reverse racism (if there is such a term) of Blacks being racists with Whites while complaining of racism against them. That is a double standard that still exists and no one addresses - and is what makes this such a strong issue for me.

For example, Obama quickly stated Imus should be fired yet his pastor is "provocative". Even more, he stated
"There's nobody on my staff who would still be working for me if they made a comment like that about anybody of any ethnic group"
yet Rev. Wright is was part of his staff; and had these videos not made it to the public, he probably still would be.

I have no doubt that Hillary could possibly be behind this; yes even more so than Republicans. But it shows that Obama has a double standard; and as Jeff Jacoby so eloquently states:
Such a clanging double standard raises doubts about Obama's character and judgment, and about his fitness for the role of race-transcending healer. Yesterday's speech was finely crafted, but it leaves some troubling questions unanswered.
I really encourage you go read the whole article.

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