Friday, March 14, 2008

Too Bad

It is rare for me these days to find a journalist that writes an op-ed piece with which I agree 100%. Sometimes I watch the factor, but I don't always agree with O'Reilly. Sometimes I watch CNN but the bias can be too much.

However, Glenn Beck today nails it on the head. Too fucking bad. From Michigan to Florida, to open borders and borrowing from China Glenn calls out for responsibility.
Voters in Florida and Michigan should ask themselves one important question before they blindly follow their party: Why did no one seem to care about "alienating" them last year when the rules were intentionally broken? It's only now, when their vote really matters, that everyone is suddenly so concerned about "enfranchising" them.
Some of you will argue that the punishment was too hard. Maybe. But they knew it going in, and as Glenn states nobody seemed to care then. But when do politicians act or do what their constituents want?
If you want to talk about disenfranchised voters, then let's talk about why just 17 percent of Americans have a positive view of Congress. Let's talk about why we still have wide open borders despite most Americans wanting them sealed. Let's talk about why we keep selling out our sovereignty and our security by borrowing billions of dollars from-less-than friendly countries, such as China.
I couldn't have said it better myself. There is hope after all that someone out there still believes in personal responsibility; in following the rules and in being punished and sucking it up when you break them.