Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bias, What Bias?

The Jena 6 have made news a year after the fact, b/c the sentences were too harsh for beating up a white kid, after said white kid had made some sort of racist remarks. It is not considered a hate crime, and Sharpton and Jackson are spearheading the movement.

In a similar story, 9 middle schoolers aged 14-15 jumped a 26 year old woman, because they didn't want her seating in the bus. Had you heard the story? Are the Sharpton and Jackson's of the world going to jump on this bandwagon as well if the juvies are judged as adults?

I can't help but wonder, as posted by Michelle, how much different the coverage of this story would be if the races had been reversed. For starters, it would be called a hate crime, isn't it?

But you know, there is no media bias in news coverage - other than Fox, some Baltimore papers and smaller papers this has received no coverage.

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