Monday, November 19, 2007

Illegal Immigration

One of the things that bother me most about the illegal immigration issue is the arrogance displayed by some of the most vocal illegals or groups.

But no one, and I repeat no one, can surpass the arrogance exhibited not only by the Mexican government but also by Mexican nationals. I've only found it in Spanish, and will post the English version as soon as possible - though it seems an edited (shorter) version. And of course, the Minutemen were quick to react.

For those who don't know Spanish I'll summarize. Mexicans in Mexico are outraged at the state level legislations being passed to address the problem of illegal immigration. Are they outraged because this is negative for illegals? Hell no! They are outraged because this harms Mexican illegals. Period. They do not care about any of the other groups affected by this, Hispanics or otherwise, they only see these laws as anti-Mexican.

In addition, for a country that so fiercely defends its sovereignty against the intrusion of others, Mexico, its people and its government, hipocritically see fit to tell the US how they should draft their policy and what they should and should not do with illegal immigrant; well at least with the Mexican ones. Specially, when they do not practice what they preach.
Yet in Mexico, federal law requires proof of Mexican citizenship or a valid visa
for a license, USA Today said Friday."When it comes to foreigners, we're a
little more strict here," said Alejandro Ruiz, a director at the Mexican
Automobile Association.
And of course, anyone who is anti illegal immigration is racist, don't you know? Never mind the rule of law; never mind that many anti illegals are for legal immigration. The culprit? Those racist Republicans!!! Never mind that there are Democrats who are fiercely anti illegal immigration as well. And Bush? He's a nice guy, no? After all, he tried so hard to pass a reform to make them all citizens! Nothing more that "the Hitler of our times".

As I said in the beginning, arrogance. So much arrogance, that even some of my friends who defend the right of illegals, would happily deport all Mexicans and keep the other nationalities. I agree 100% with the following quote from Minutemen Director Al Garza
“It is disrespectful for the Mexican President to expect our citizens and their
elected officials to bear the burden of responsibility for eradicating poverty
in Mexico, when his solution is to encourage Mexican citizens to illegally enter
the United States, take jobs and send money back to Mexico without regard for
the sovereignty of our country.”
Honestly, he couldn't have said it better. Mexico should worry more about domestic policy and solving their problems, than truly exporting them. What say you?

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