Saturday, November 17, 2007

Shut Up!

Chavez is demanding an apology for something he did not hear. I kid you not. According to Chavez
he neither saw nor heard the king, as he (Chavez) was addressing Spanish Prime
Because you know, if he had heard it
I would have stared him down like an Indian, because I am an Indian and a little
bit black and white
Ha. Hahaha. Yeah right. He forgets that this incident was caught on camera and everyone who was watching saw his dumbfounded face, with no witty comeback, just silence in pure and utter shock that someone actually wasn't going to stand idly by and allow him to hijack time and garner attention. Someone actually let him know, that they will no be fooled.

And you know, he cannot allow his people to see what happens when someone tells him to shut up.

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