Thursday, November 08, 2007

Election 2008 - The Republican Primary

As promised, I will be discussing all the candidates. We'll start with the Republicans, and with Rudy Giuliani in particular. If you want to know what he's about click on the video.

If you prefer to read, here are his 12 commitments. I've liked Rudy since the draft Rudy movement started, but I was a bit disappointed after the first debates. It seems he has been able to gather himself and present a platform that he can deliver as believable.

I like that he approached healthcare not only from the insurance perspective but also from the price/liability of doctors perspective. However, I think he falls a bit short of really proposing groundbreaking legislations.

One point I disagree is the Education plan. I'm a proponent of vouchers, but not at the expense of forgetting the public schools from where the kids are opting out. The solution is not for kids to be able to attend private school - that is one solution. The solution is to ensure that all schools have the resources to deliver quality education regarding of the location of the school.

I like his immigration program; I've always wondered why we don't have exit processes like the rest of the countries. I don't agree with deporting all who commit a felony UNLESS the receiving country agrees to enforce the completion of the sentence within their prisons.

While I find his plan to increase adoptions wonderful, it is not realistic. Unfortunately families do not want foster children: they are either too big or to jaded and they don't want to take on the responsibility.

There are some loopholes in his global economy plan, but I do like that he proposes to increase the math and science in which we as Americans lag so behind.

Rudy and I disagree heavily on the Iraq issue. Yes we had a moral duty to the Iraquis after we abandoned them in '91. We've payed with interest. I think is time Iraq takes care of itself, and our boys start coming home.

In summary, I agre with more than I disagree which makes him a viable candidate. However, keep in mind that politicians promises promises and as my grandmother used to say "prometer y prometer hasta meter; despues de metido nada cumplido".

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